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Posted in life, reference on 12.12.10 by Maalik

As you can probably tell, this blog is on hiatus and will continue to be for the forseeable future. This is partially because I’ve been feeling uncreative/not in the mood to write recently, and partially as a consequence of my evolving identity. If you’re still interested in hearing from me, I’m pretty active on tumblr.

Until then…


Note About Content

Posted in reference on 03.19.10 by Maalik

I started the blog as a way to document my transition– most of my earlier posts were related to coming out, experiences, etc. Over the past year or so, however, my transition stagnated so I turned to trans-related discussions in general. I’m going to keep at that, but now that I’m actually going somewhere with my transition my posts are going to get more personal.

Edit: I’ve also decided to integrate this blog as part of a larger transition-documentation website. It’s available here, but you have to register to get to videos/photos.

Quick Hit: The Adventures of the Boi Wonder

Posted in quick hit, reference on 12.17.09 by Maalik

I’m really digging The Adventures of the Boi Wonder, a column on The New Gay. Levi writes about his early transition experiences in a way that I could only dream of. Check it out!

On Covering

Posted in books, political, queer, reference on 08.13.09 by Maalik

“Everyone covers. To cover is to tone down a disfavored identity to fit into the
main stream. In our diverse society, all of us are outside the mainstream in
some way […] every reader of this book has covered, whether consciously or not,
and sometimes at significant personal cost.”

I recently finished Covering by Kenji Yoshino. The book describes how society pressures minority groups to assimilate into majority culture in three basic ways: conversion, passing, and covering. Writes Yoshino, “If conversion divides ex-gays from gays, and passing divides closeted gays from out gays, covering divides normal from queers.”

Conversion is to change one’s self. To become straight if you are gay. Passing concerns hiding those properties. You may be gay, but you must hide that part of you.
Covering deals more with behavior. You can be gay, you can even engage in gay activities, but you must do it in a way that is not “gay.” Calls for gays to stop “flaunting” their sexuality are demands for covering.

Yoshino writes that covering follows four axies. Appearence deals with how a person physically presents himself; African Americans, for instance, are often eshewed from wearing their hair in natural styles such as dreadlocks or braids. Affiliation deals with cultural identification; a gay man may refuse to discuss gay culture. Activism encompasses one’s political identity; a woman who refuses to identify as a feminist. Finally, association deals with the relationships one forms; a trans person who only has cis friends.

Conversion and passing are considered wrong because they are either impossible or impractical. But covering is seen as a legitimate request because it involves behavior, specifically the behavior of a minority group. Yoshino points out that courts generally side with calls for covering; women are asked to wear (or not wear) make-up because it is their behavior, and not their selves, which is being asked to change.

Yoshino also mentions that not every instance of non-traditional cultural behavior is covering. A gay man who likes sports may simply enjoy sports, such intersts are not inherently acts of covering.

In what ways have you found yourself covering? Both as a transgender person and as a person of your assigned sex (or in some other way). What “covering” behaviors are simply a result of your personality and interests? Did/do you ever wish to convert or feel the pressure to pass?

Website Update

Posted in life, queer, reference on 03.19.09 by Maalik

I promise I’ll write an opinion post (or two!) within the next week, but right now I have an update on the website I spoke about earlier. It’s here! I’ve finished the basic structure of the site and am now working on content.

Here’s where I need your help– a big portion of the website is dedicated for guides about everything from choosing a name to being a trans ally. I don’t have experience with all of these things and nor am I up for writing a ton of guides. I’m looking for people to submit guides related to trans issues. How you write and what you write about is completely up to you, so leave a comment if you’d like to contribute.

Also, part of the site is a multi-author blog and I’m looking for some contributors who can write once a week or so. I want transmasculine people of all identities, partners, friends, and families, so if you or anyone you know fits the bill and would like to blog let me know.


Posted in queer, reference on 03.14.09 by Maalik

I’m looking into expanding this blog. Ideally, this would become a resource for younger transmasculine people with basic information for transitioning, presenting, etc. and also personal experience from other guys. Right now I’m only looking to move the page to its own url and to add a few more bloggers. In the future, though, I’d like to make the site more interactive and include guides that go beyond basic tips.

Leave a comment if you would be interested in contributing to this project as a blogger or in some other way. If you know of anyone who would be interested, send them my way as well. I’m looking for transmasculine people of all stages and identities as well as SOFFAs.

A Note to Friends In Real Life

Posted in friends, reference on 02.18.09 by Maalik
So based on the little poll-thingy on the side, I can see that some people have actually started reading this blog. I’ve plugged the hell out of it, linking it to Facebook and The Men’s Room and everywhere else, so there’s a decent shot that there are some people I know in real life who are reading this. Which is kind of weird given I haven’t actually come out to anyone other than my close friends.

I have no interest to do the whole sit-down-with-everyone-I-know-I-have-something-to-tell-you thing so if you find out through here, great. That said, fucking let me know you’re reading this instead of just creeping around on my blog. Well, you can creep around on my blog too, but tell me that you know I’m trans so that I can scratch you off of my list of people to worry about. Or don’t, whatever, I haven’t written anything of substance in a few days and I wanted you to know that I’m alive.