One Week, One Day on T

I got my first shot of testosterone last Monday. Right now I’m taking 25 mg every other week– I wanted to take a low dose– and I go in next week to learn to self inject. I know my voice shouldn’t be deeper, but it seems like it is. I think it’s because I’ve been talking from a lower place in my throat, but I’m not sure if testosterone has anything to do with it. Physically, that’s been my only change so far (as expected).

I’ve been feeling really great since starting T. I’d been cycling through periods of depression because I hadn’t been going anywhere in my transition and that’s over. I’m also a lot more confident– I flirt with girls more than I ever used to and feel more accepted among other guys. My dysphoria hasn’t bothered me yet, but we’ll see what happens over the weekend because that’s when it gets bad.


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