Today was supposed to be my T-day. I had an appointment for the 13th, but had to reschedule because of class. I’m obviously pretty bummed about it, but I’ve come so far since this time last year I can’t be upset. My new T-day is in less than a month and by the time it gets here I should have my petition for name change filed. When I see my doctor for T, I’ll also have her fill out a form to get that damned F on my ID changed to an M. With any luck, I’ll have a swanky “Maalik/M” ID by the end of August. And I’ll be a Massachusetts resident.

I’ve decided to start on a low dose of T for my voice. I come from a family of baritones and I think I’ve got a good shot at getting there if I go through my second puberty like most boys. That’s my theory, anyway. God knows if it will work. It will also give my family and acquaintances some time to adjust.


One Response to “Reflection?”

  1. reen Says:

    Hey there.
    After a couple months of wordpress, I’m just getting around to shamelessly lurking the place.
    It’s really interesting to skim what you’ve posted thus far. Lucky, for me, too -I had resolved to crawl under the bed and hate my girly voice forever.

    Bang-up job. Or something. And good luck.

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