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Website Update

Posted in life, queer, reference on 03.19.09 by Maalik

I promise I’ll write an opinion post (or two!) within the next week, but right now I have an update on the website I spoke about earlier. It’s here! I’ve finished the basic structure of the site and am now working on content.

Here’s where I need your help– a big portion of the website is dedicated for guides about everything from choosing a name to being a trans ally. I don’t have experience with all of these things and nor am I up for writing a ton of guides. I’m looking for people to submit guides related to trans issues. How you write and what you write about is completely up to you, so leave a comment if you’d like to contribute.

Also, part of the site is a multi-author blog and I’m looking for some contributors who can write once a week or so. I want transmasculine people of all identities, partners, friends, and families, so if you or anyone you know fits the bill and would like to blog let me know.



Posted in queer, reference on 03.14.09 by Maalik

I’m looking into expanding this blog. Ideally, this would become a resource for younger transmasculine people with basic information for transitioning, presenting, etc. and also personal experience from other guys. Right now I’m only looking to move the page to its own url and to add a few more bloggers. In the future, though, I’d like to make the site more interactive and include guides that go beyond basic tips.

Leave a comment if you would be interested in contributing to this project as a blogger or in some other way. If you know of anyone who would be interested, send them my way as well. I’m looking for transmasculine people of all stages and identities as well as SOFFAs.

This is Awful

Posted in queer, rants on 03.11.09 by Maalik

I don’t know what sickens me more, the event or the comments. I don’t understand how someone can do something like this and think that it’s okay.